Diving center in Bodrum

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We offer a product and dream of a lot of years of self-sacrificing and professional studies of well known divers.
Our aim is to share the paradise that we have found, with you in a safe environment with a perfect crew and the best quality equipment.
You don’t need to look for it any more. We have found the paradise for you.
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The Boats
The Diving boat whose project was prepared for Diving tours, was built in Bodrum, which is a well- known villlage around the world and has a great importance in building wooden ships. While it was being constructed from pinie tree, which has proved to have strenght and water-resistnance, was used. We are sure that you will also

find the same comfort of your homes besides safe divings in our boat.

Technical Equipment
The crews who knows that safe Diving is only possible with good-qualified and well designed equipments, prepared all the submarine and surface equipments according to the modern European standards. All the periodic tests, upkeeps and controls of our, equipments has
been done by the expert institutions according to the international standards.

Daily Diving Tours
The daily Diving programs of our Diving center has been prepared for you -the certified divers- by regarding your safety and comfort. We are waiting for you to dive with us from the Fisherman of Halicarnassos’ Archipel, accompanied by expert divers.
(two open sea dives accompanied by dive guides, all kinds of equipments, transfers from the hotel to boat and vice versa, outstanding examples of Mediterranean cuisine during lunch, accident and Diving insurence)

Night Dives
The center of entertainment, Bodrum! Especially at nights… After now on with us, Bodrum is also the center of night dives. Would you like to dive with live music and barbeque specially organised at nights in the unique bays of Bodrum dancing with the moonlight in the sea?
We offer sea dive accompanied by dive guides, live music, barbeque, all kinds of equipments, transfers from the hotel to boat and vice versa, accident and Diving insurance.

Package Tours
One day in heaven won’t be enough! You may leave Bodrum with unforgettable memories after attending one of the 3-5 day package programs that we have prepared for you.

Dives Without Certification
You are invited to an extraordinary advanture which will lead you through a brand new world. Even if you don’t have certificate, our Diving center is inviting you to discover the secrets of paradise. Let’s meet in paradise!
(a 45-minute Discovery Dive, theoric training given by certified trainers, all kinds of equipments, transfers from the hotel to boat and vice versa, outstanding examples of Mediterranean cuisine during lunch, accident and Diving insurance)

Dive and Blue Voyage
For all the divers who have made Diving into a traditon, with the organisation of PARADISE FOUND Diving center, you can sail through all the coasts of Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. You may add new memories to your dive life by attending to one of the weeekly or longer journeys accompanied by Professional guides.
Two dives each day accompanied by dive guides, all kinds of equipments, transfers from the airport-hotel-boat, full-pension accomadition, accident and Diving insurance.

Others Activities
Our Diving center is offering a merry atmosphere for our guests who doesn’t want to dive to spend a beautiful day. You can swim all day at the bays we are casting anchor, watch your friends who are Diving, with the masks, snorkels and flippers that you can get from our Diving center for free, you can take their photos, discover the different underwater abundances of Bodrum from another point of view and spend an unforgettable day with various animations.
Transfers from the hotel to boatand vice versa, outstanding examples of Mediterranean cuisine during lunch, accident insurance.


PADI Open Water Diver / CMAS * Scuba Diver
Training Course:
This certicate that you will get after a training in an enjoying and positive environment supported by a 4-day academic Diving instruction of in your mother language will lead you throught the secretive gates of underwater, all around the world.

PADI Adv. Open Water Diver / CMAS ** Scuba Diver
Training Course:
Every diver with the certificate of PADI OWD or another equivalent certificate may attend that advanced course. During that two-day training supported by the academic instruction which is in your mother language, you can improve your individual skills with five dive in total two of which are two core dives Deep and navigation dives) and three of which are selective dives (seeking and rescueing dive, deep dive, night dive, boat dive, wreck dive, cavern dive, fish acknowledgement dive, underwater photography dive, etc.

PADI MFA Medical First Aid
Training Course:
You can have that certificate which is also the pre-condition of PADI rescueing diver certification program, after a one-day theorical training. During this training you are not only having information for your own dives but also receiving information about first aid and urgent interference by which you can save the lives of your friends.

PADI RD Rescue Diver
Training Course:
With this program that you can attend after advanced Diving and medical first aid training programs with a two-day academic training in your mother language, you are taught the rescuing techniques not only at the surface but also under water both equipped and unequipped.

PADI DM Dive Master / CMAS *** Scuba Diver
Training Course:
The first step to being a professional diver… An intensive training program that will at least take two weeks… Please contact us for further information.

Safety and Insurance
A prepared unit to deal with any condition that requires first aid in our Diving center.
A Medic first aid boat who will lift you to Bodrum in case of accident.
Two full-organised recompression chamber in service.
Well trained instructors about the dive health after a program of two years in Istanbul University, Çapa, the Façulty of Medicals, UnderWater Department of Underwater Health and Hiperbaric Medics.
Besides these, all the guests who prefer to visit PARADISE FOUND Diving center are insured against any kind of casualty with the assurance of AXA-OYAK.

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